April 30 Tournament Motion Announced


The motion for the April 30th Connecticut Middle School Debate League tournament will be:

This House would provide a path to citizenship for immigrants living illegally in the US.

The tournament will be held at Smith Middle School, 216 Addison Road, Glastonbury, CT.  (Please note this is a location change.  We will not have a tournament at Wamogo this year.)

Teams should prepare cases in support of and in opposition to the motion.  We think you’ll have no problem finding plenty of research on the topic.  To get started, you might check out Debatepedia and (if your school subscribes to Infobase) Facts on File’s Issues & Controversies websites — they’ve both covered this topic.

Registration will open on Tabroom.com on April 16, 2016.

Please contact us at inquiry@ctmsdebate.org with questions.

Finally — a reminder:  if you haven’t paid your dues yet, please send the 2015-16 Dues Form and your check to CAS.

Thanks!  We look forward to seeing you in the spring.

Jen Posner

January 30 Tournament Results

One hundred and forty three debaters from fifteen schools converged at Hamden Hall Country Day School on Saturday, January 30, 2016 to debate the motion:

This House believes that the United States should curtail free speech rights in order to combat terrorism.

The Torrington team of Donovan Tomasiewicz, David Chmielewski, and Zoe Orie won the Final Round on Proposition versus the St. Luke’s School team of Ruth Mercedes, Laura Mercedes and Marco Volpitta on Opposition.

Ruth Mercedes from St. Luke’s School earned top Speaker honors with Ariel Mayer from Westfield/Watkinson in second place and Laura Mercedes from St. Luke’s School in third place.

Thank you to Beth Richter and Hamden Hall Country Day School for hosting us on short notice after a snow-out the previous Saturday.

Thank you to all of our judges, including eleven High School and college debaters from eight schools.

Thank you to the English Speaking Union, Greenwich Branch for sponsoring the League.

For full results download the following:

You can also access the tournament tabroom website at http://ctmsdljan30.tabroom.com with reports under the Results tab.

Please note:  due to a software error that miscalculated the Opponents’ Average Points (OPt) and Opponents’ Average Rank (ORk), the third and fourth place speakers in the Speaker Awards file are reversed.  We have double-checked the math by hand and are working with the developers to have it corrected.

Our next tournament will be held on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at Smith Middle School in Glastonbury.  We will release the motion by February 27th.

Please contact us at Connecticut Middle School Debate with questions and comments and suggestions.