October 15 Scrimmage Topic Announced

The scrimmage will be held at Bethel Middle School, Bethel, CT.
We’ll start the 2016-17 year with a scrimmage.  We’ll have a demonstration debate, a workshop to introduce new students to debate, followed by 2 rounds of debate.  No awards will be given and we won’t have a final, public debate between the top 2 scoring teams.  We’ll have a judging workshop so we encourage teams to bring as many volunteer judges as possible who can then judge at future tournaments.
The motion for the scrimmage will be:
This House Would Not Assign Homework. 
Remember to have your debaters define terms, including the House.  The first Proposition speaker should explain exactly what is meant by homework — i.e. for students in which grades and when?  Opposition cases should be flexible enough to handle different definitions of homework.  We don’t think your debaters will have any problem finding enough research on this topic; you’ve probably seen it in the news lately:  http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/08/25/us/how-much-homework-is-too-much.html
If you would like to host an event, join the league or any other matter, please email us at Connecticut Middle School Debate.